Algebra, Schmalgebra

My spirits have been lifted these past couple days.

I am convinced I have a learning disability when it comes to Algebra. That could just be a cop-out though. I’m trying to make myself feel better, here.

Yesterday I dropped yet another Math class, and plan to re-enroll in the Spring.

*queue frustrated family members, who just want to brag so badly that Randyl finally has her College degree*

Sorry, Mom and Dad. At least I’m not a drug dealer, pregnant, or a serial killer. Or a pregnant drug dealing serial killer. That would warrant disappointment for sure.

These past couple semesters school has made me absolutely.fucking.miserable.

Being an English major, I feel super confident surrounded by poems and literature to analyze. I have been done with literature classes for some time now and have been stuck on getting caught up on my Math classes. Fucking soul crushing.

I am convinced that the Education system should become much more tailored to a persons major. A person like me is never going to need to know what a matrix is, how to solve a linear equation, or how to plot a polynomial that is in y-intercept form.


After dropping the Summer Algebra class from hell (choosing a summer class was my first mistake) I felt a weight lift off of me, and I felt a little less mousey and invisible. I lose all confidence in myself, my appearance, everything about myself when I walk into that classroom. So I went to a street fair with my boyfriend and a couple of friends, and had a good time.

Life is too short, I will get there some day soon. But for now I will watch old people dance to a Classic Rock cover band at a small town street fair, and solidify important pieces of my life before dedicating myself to some math class that is basically only a requirement to show that I can jump through hoops and be a good little puppy.

That might sound really stupid to people, like a math class is the biggest problem in my life right now. I fucking wish. I have way too much to share, I just wanted to test the waters to see how many want to listen.


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